The Right Experts with the Right Tools

More and more distributors face data migration issues. It might result from a new acquisition where you need to convert their technology platform to your corporate standard. You may have legacy ERP systems that you are still operating and want to reduce your cost of ownership and risk by migrating to a single platform. You might be looking at moving to Infor CloudSuite Distribution and wondering how you will maintain optimal customer service and performance during the transition.

When it comes to managing Infor Distribution data, there is no greater expert than Tridex Systems. For years we have provided Infor users with a path to faster and easier data migrations that eliminate many of your most common concerns.

  • Data preparation. Your data often needs to be transformed to account for different data structures in different systems. This is a process we’ve seen hundreds of times but you will only see a few times. That means we can be much faster at performing the data preparation and transformation you need for a fast migration.
  • The right tools. Data migration requires a different set of tools and hardware than you might have access to. At Tridex, we remove those challenges. Our data experts have access to the best technology for API calls, data queries, extraction, transformation and more.
  • Proper configuration. A data migration is a good time to look at your existing data configuration and structure. As Infor data migration experts, Tridex can help you analyze your data and help you eliminate redundancies. Not only will your data migration project be faster and more accurate, you will increase the performance of your database in the long run as well.
  • Eliminate road blocks. Many times distributors just don’t have the luxury of performing a data migration on their own and still meet their project deadlines. Data migration can be tedious and can interfere with your productivity and performance. Leveraging Tridex can help you meet your deadlines and keep you running smoothly during the process.