Are Your Prepared for Business Continuity for Your Infor System?

Many distributors are surprisingly unequipped to deal with disasters. Tridex can help you build out a disaster recovery plan that keeps your business running during times of crisis. What happens if there is a data breach of your systems? What if a tornado takes out a branch or even your headquarters and your critical archives? A properly designed disaster recovery plan helps you determine the exact steps you need to take to get you business back on track. It uses leading technology to keep your business stronger than ever even in times of crisis.

Disaster recovery and business continuity is a lot more than just back-up, storage and system rebuilds. It requires a total plan that allows you continue serving your customers and keeping your employees safe even during accidents, disasters, catastrophic events or other unplanned interruptions.

Tridex helps you develop a business continuity and disaster recovery plan that is integrated into your technology and business strategy. We understand your business’s most important functional areas so we can help you safeguard you customer success during any disruptive event. We achieve this by working closely with your company to support and design the infrastructure and redundancy you need to keep your business going. We also leverage our combined distribution technology experience to help you safeguard the most important elements of your business, data and processes so that you can return to business as quickly as possible.