Work Your Way

One of the most important yet overlooked benefits of Infor Distribution software and Infor OS is the ability to create custom workflows. Infor ION provides you with a built-in workflow tool that allows you to create new business process automation that drives your workflows from various triggers such as alerts, specified events, integrations to other software, scheduled triggers or even starting them manually.

We’ve helped many Infor users with ION workflow, events, alerts and more that can guide your entire company to get work done in a timely fashion. Regardless of where your employees do their actual work, the key to any successful business is being able to create a repeatable and scalable process. That’s exactly what workflow automation can do for you.

Here are some of the ways we’ve helped our clients with workflow design and implementation:

  • Vetting the most valuable processes in your business
  • Cataloging the actual task flows in each business process
  • Helping you determine which business processes would benefit from custom workflows and which processes should use core functionality
  • Creating the actual workflows inside of Infor Ion and elsewhere in your systems
  • Building out your integrations, tasks, alerts and other notifications

Custom workflows provide you with greater efficiency across your most important processes. Your teams pick up greater speed and focus. You gain a much deeper connection between your technology, people, processes and customer experience.

Put Your Business in the Right Context

Workflows give you the context to manage and improve your processes. In addition to improving your productivity with remote work, we can help you standardize and monitor your business without increasing the strain on your IT team. In the case of Infor ION, once you begin connecting your software to your people and processes, you’ll be able to manage, monitor and document the work across your teams. When exceptions occur or tasks are missed, you can set alerts for the right people to get involved before work is interrupted or a problem escalates.

These exceptions and alerts are based on rules that you establish. This allows you to ensure corporate governance, service levels and automate necessary interventions and approvals.

Get Connected Across Your Entire Business

Working with Tridex provides you with much more than just Infor ION expertise. Our experts have cross-platform and distribution operations experience that can help you connect previously disconnected processes.

  • We can help you use Infor ION to integrate to third-party systems for tighter workflows.
  • You will eliminate information silos in different departments by connecting systems and workflows.
  • Our distribution business experts can help you model and test your integrations and workflows to continuously improve your efficiency.
  • Leveraging our expertise provides you access to rapid development without burdening your IT team.
  • Tridex is able to take a wider view of your business than just a single department and include other personalizations and extensions into your strategy.