The Best of Both Worlds: Industry Leading Functionality and Custom Extensions

Infor OS allows you to get the best of both worlds from your Infor CloudSuite and custom processes. It is quite unique in it’s full suite of distribution-centric functionality and regular updates while simultaneously allowing for the development of extensions, integrations, workflows and other customizations that allow distributors to continuously improve their productivity through Infor OS. Tridex Systems is the leader in helping distributors maximize their use of Infor OS.

Infor OS is a platform that allows you to embed collaboration across your enterprise. You can combine and integrate workflows with other systems like document management, WMS, CRM and more. This collaboration happens in real time for effective data sharing based on your user roles and responsibilities. When opportunities and challenges arise, Tridex is there to help you meet them with custom extensions to grow as your business grows.

Better User Experience

While Infor CloudSuite Distribution is incredibly powerful, sometimes all of that functionality can distract users from their core roles. We can help you create personalized user experiences using Infor OS to remove some of the obstacles that might get in the way of ordinary and repetitive operations. We have helped many distributors make their software more accessible, faster and easier to use.

Real Integration

Infor OS gives you a true integration and collaboration platform on which you can design and manage connections between Infor CloudSuite Distribution and other solutions like on-premise software and third-party applications. Unfortunately, integrations are not a core competency for most distributors – that’s where Tridex Systems comes in. We have a long history of helping you focus on the strategic initiatives that help your business grow and supporting those initiatives with the right software and technology. When you work with Tridex you know your integrations will continue to work as you grow through upgrades, hardware replacements and when launching new branches.

Infor Extensibility Development

Infor OS and the platform architecture support custom development. Partnering with Tridex Systems means you get a unique combination of skills including Infor support, coding, business analysts, distribution experts and more. Developing extensions that fit your specific needs allow you to adapt to many changing business conditions and continuously improve your productivity.

Work with Big Data

Tridex Systems are the experts in managing distribution data. Combining that expertise with Infor OS allows you to take full advantage of the enormous amount of data you generate in all of your applications, devices and employee interactions. We can build out the right tools for you to use this data in your strategic decision making and your tactical operations. Our expertise improves your data quality, governance, security, access and analysis.