Your IT infrastructure should work for you and grow with you.

Tridex Systems is the only company with long-term combined experience in distribution technology, specifically in hosting distribution ERP and related third-party applications. Much has been written about the growth of cloud computing and hosting services; however, nothing speaks to the needs of distributors like comments from other distributors. Here are some of the reasons we hear from ERP users as they turn to Tridex Systems for their hosting needs.
  • “We are concerned about mergers and acquisitions in wholesale distribution. I don’t want to tie-up a lot of resources by buying servers and hiring more IT talent when I’m trying to show consistent EBITDA growth.”
  • “Our system is becoming richer and more robust, but that is also increasing the complexity and challenges in managing my IT solutions.”
  • “We’ve been using our software for years, and our hardware shows it. It’s old and I’m not looking forward to replacing it.”
  • “I’m opening new locations and I’d rather have access to my systems from anywhere in the cloud.”
  • “We’re spinning off a division and that makes both organizations leaner and meaner. I don’t want to add more to my support and maintenance costs.”
  • “I need to know that my infrastructure is going to grow with my company.”

Why Distributors Count on Tridex Systems for Private Cloud Services

Progress® Expertise

It’s not easy or inexpensive to find experienced Progress database administrators. And, taking on another full-time employee can take resources away from the revenue generating parts of your business. Fortunately, Tridex Systems can administer almost all of your Progress database functions for you.

Stop worrying about the security and performance of your system and let Tridex Systems handle your access, optimization and administration. Additionally, our Progress experts are also long-time wholesale distribution technology and enterprise software specialists as well. You’ll get more than a generic DBA, you’ll get a specialized industry veteran as well.

An internal Progress DBA does not always have the time and tools to consistently monitor your database. Further, they won’t have access to the cross-company support expertise that you’ll get at Tridex. You will rest easy knowing that our experts are available and monitoring your database exactly when you need them.

Distributors have called us their Progress doctors as we help them assess, monitor and diagnose the health of their database day in and day out.

What is the current status of your Progress database?

  • Consistent monitoring of your database and hosting servers
  • Immediate alerts in the case of an interruption or critical event
  • Personalized support from your ERP and Progress expert at Tridex Systems

Is your Database optimized?

  • Monitoring of all database KPIs, usage, log files and more
  • Database backups and verification
  • Monitoring of data elements, table and growth needs
  • Regular reporting and updates from our team

Do you need advice on your database?

  • Troubleshoot query information
  • Provide policy strategy
  • Full disaster recovery and business continuity services
  • Planning support for hardware needs
  • Backups and mirroring

Why Use Tridex Systems for Progress Administration?

  • Using Tridex Systems for your Progress administrations can be less expensive for a higher level of expertise. We have experience across multiple Progress databases and ERP installs.
  • You avoid taking on the costs of a full-time employee such as taxes and benefits
  • When an emergency happens, you can depend on the scale of the entire Tridex staff.
  • We are focused on your specific needs with years of ERP, distribution and Progress experience.

OS Support

No other managed service provider in the distribution industry can offer as complete a service for support of Linux, UNIX and other OS administration for your databases and application servers. Just as with Progress database administration skills, the market for Linux and UNIX expertise has many shortages and skilled staff can be hard to find and expensive to retain. This poses a risk to your company.

Our experts are experienced in many operating systems, maximizing your investment in Linux and others including:

  • AIX from IBM
  • HPUX from HP
  • Linux primarily Red Hat but we have worked with other flavors
  • Microsoft Windows
  • VMware

Operating System support and consulting services consist primarily of the following items but are not limited to just these items:

  • New Server Installation along with Operating System Installation
  • Operating System Upgrade
  • System Performance Monitoring and Configuration
  • Platform Migrations – moving from one operating system to another
  • Operating System scripting
  • Backup Management
  • Adding and Maintaining Printers
  • Networking
  • Disk Layout, Allocation, and Utilization
  • Scheduling Services
  • Security

Network Management

Two major driving forces in distribution have changed the way you should approach your network management: the move to cloud computing and the growth in networked locations due to increased competition and M&A activity.

Many distributors are concerned with meeting the challenges of their networks in a cloud environment. It requires new tools and skill sets. You need to combine your old on-premise tools and systems with the new challenges of cloud hosting. Operations teams are expected to work leaner and meaner and still be able to meet new needs of distributed workers.

Connecting all of your locations and all of your computer servers can be a daunting task. Tridex Systems has some of the distribution industry’s best networking specialists that make it all seem so simple. We have knowledge and expertise in various Telco solutions such as direct VPN, public VPN, T1, Frame Relay, and even MPLS. In addition to the Telco lines we can help with Firewall configuration, switches, and routers. Whether you are expanding, consolidating, or simply wanting to upgrade to get better pricing, we can help you understand the technologies available and what will work best for you.

Email Hosting

What would a single lost sales order due to an email outage cost your company? What message are bounced-emails really sending to customers?

Email is essential to every organization. It is necessary for most parts of the day-to-day operations of you, your customers and your vendors. Email is such a large part of our lives that we take it for granted – until something goes wrong.

It would be hard to estimate the real cost of an email problem. Imagine if your corporate email was down for just half-an-hour?

  • What is the perception of thousands of bounced-back emails to customers and vendors?
  • Are there crucial purchase order, invoice, rebate or contract information that will be lost
  • Will you miss a sale and open the door to a competitor?
  • Will you send a message to customers that your organization is not professional enough to care about their email servers?In addition to reliability and higher uptime, you’ll see many benefits from partnering with Tridex Systems for your email hosting:
    • Improved productivity by accessing the latest collaboration technologies
    • Scalability so you won’t out grow your email
    • The highest security, anti-virus, and anti-spam protection
    • Real-time support
    • Flexible plans that fit your business.


It seems that every day that goes by, we see another high-profile security breach. From Target to Home Depot, some of the largest companies face cyber-threats. The complexity of keeping your data and systems secure only increases with the increased adoption of cloud technologies, mobile devices and remote access. It’s no wonder that according to a Computerworld Forecast Study, 46% of businesses plan to up their budgets for security-related technology.

Tridex Systems network security solutions give you the protection you need against threats that can erode your productivity and profits. No matter the size or number of locations, you can rest assured that your systems are secured by leading distribution and security technologists.

We help you get and keep control of your network infrastructure and reduce your risk with firewalls, intrusion detection, email security, encryption and the development of security policies for your team.

Because of the rapidly changing tactics and technologies of cyber-criminals, it can be very difficult to keep up with the latest in security and run a distribution business at the same time. That’s why Tridex Systems stays up to date on the latest threats to test your environment in a full-scale audit.

During the audit, we’ll identify the holes in your system and lay out best practices for you to adopt. It’s an opportunity to really see what your network looks like from the outside and fix problems before they develop into security breaches.

Security Audit

The Tridex System team can help you identify a number of potential threats and suggest best practices to keep your network safe:

  • Threat identification and management
  • Support of your compliance and regulatory concerns
  • Operating system updates
  • Web security, monitoring and filtering
  • Remote and customer access
  • Database and application updates and security
  • Intrusion detection
  • Network security
  • Backup and disaster recovery planning and access monitoring
  • Firewall protection
  • Routers and VPN services
  • Virus and malware protection
  • Monitoring systems, configuration and audit log reviews
  • Equipment health checks

Business Continuity

Business continuity is basic common sense. It’s more than just back-up, storage and disaster recovery. It is a full-scale plan that is created to allow your company to continue to operate your most crucial functions even in the face of accidents, disasters, catastrophic events or other unplanned interruptions. A solid business continuity plan will get your business back up and running in a short time period.

We help you develop a business continuity plan from a number of angles. We look at your business resiliency in your most critical areas to make sure they can continue to function in the case of a disruptive event. We do this by supporting and designing your infrastructure for redundancy and spare capacity. Next, we make sure that you are able to recover and restore the most important elements of your business and data so that you can return to regular business as quickly as possible after an event. We also help you prepare for a number of contingencies that help you deal with extraordinary disasters.

Of course, all along the way we help you document the plan, train your key personnel, test your plan and review and correct as necessary.

And in the event of a natural disaster or other unplanned event, we will be by your side helping you put your plan into place so that you can get back to business as quickly as possible.