Unlock the Custom Power of Infor CloudSuite Distribution

Extensibility gives you the power to take your Infor system far beyond core functionality. No two distribution companies are exactly alike and while your ERP system comes with leading core functionality, many distributors want to do more. Tridex Systems has expert development staff and infrastructure ready for you to rapidly develop and deploy custom applications, new UI capabilities, migrate your mods to new versions and make your new applications available on a variety of devices. Additionally, we’ve helped many distributors manage their integrations using Infor ION.

In an ever increasing competitive landscape, you depend on your unique value adds to set yourself apart from your competitors. Your Infor system was designed to manage most of your core distribution operations right out of the box; however, you also have key processes unique to your business that improve your competitive position, speed up your customer experience and create new profitability. The experts at Tridex help you create and manage these custom mods and extensions to drive new advantages. We help you catalog existing mods, design new processes and compare your needs to newly released functionality for Infor CloudSuite Distribution.

What do custom mods look like in the cloud? We help our users with five key areas:

  • Configurations: The are features that can be turned on or off in your software depending on how you like to do work or the role you play in your organization. You can grant users permissions to access configuration or turn that access off.
  • Personalization: These are changes that users make to customize their own software experience such as configuring menus, hiding certain elements, changing grid columns and more.
  • Extensions: These are customization made to fit your business and often involve custom development, screen design, new business rules and more.
  • Integrations: This typically involves Infor ION or some other middleware or web services to help you bring all of your third-party technology together to work in coordination with your Infor system.
  • Reporting options: Sometimes you need to edit the reports included in Infor CloudSuite Distribution to better fit your decision making.

Many Infor users have built custom mods to their system over the course of many years. They may worry that those mods will interfere with their ability to leverage new technologies like Infor CloudSuite Distribution. Tridex Systems has a lot of experience in planning developing and managing extensions to limit your risk and increase your productivity. If you have already collected many custom mods over the years, we can work with you to catalog those mods, phase out mods that are no longer useful or now have similar functionality in your standard system and plan a path forward with extensibility.

When you work with Tridex to move to Infor CloudSuite Distribution, you can address your core business needs without leaving any custom mods and functionality behind. We’ve built, migrated and translated hundreds of mods and extensions of Infor software over the years. Our experts help catalog your most important mods, compare them for efficiencies against newly released functionality and help you personalize and configure your system for maximum benefit.

In addition to managing your extensions, personalizations and configurations, Tridex has helped many Infor users fully leverage Infor ION to integrate third party systems and better connect your teams. Our process is much more than just installing another piece of middleware. Our experts understand the way distribution companies need to operate, so we go beyond connecting your systems toward driving effective changes in the way your teams work together. This might include:

  • Integrating your Infor systems to third-party software applications like Infor product partners, solution partners and complimentary partners
  • Brining all the many aspects of your operation together with custom workflows and alerts
  • Facilitating necessary change management without overburdening your IT team
  • Extending functionality for remote employees and customers
  • And much more

The Leading Infor CloudSuite Distribution Extensibility Experts

Run Your Business Your Way

Your business is unique, but the more unique requirements you have the more pressure you put on your IT team. This is especially true when it comes to custom mods and extensibility requests. Unfortunately, the requirements for customizations and extensions is only increasing for most distributors.

New extensibility requests might include anything from cross-functional workflow visibility, exception alerts and event management, improvements in customer experience and interaction, inventory accuracy and visibility and much more. Fortunately, Tridex Systems has helped many of our clients extend their system in ways that can help you meet these new challenges. We are a unique supplement for your current IT team providing expert guidance for the proper use and deployment of new extensions so that in many cases your new capabilities are only limited by your own imagination.

  • How do you make sure work is being managed from remote locations with custom workflow design?
  • How can you leverage the social collaboration tools built into your Infor systems?
  • What are smart ways to increase visibility in all areas of your company when you are no longer able to “manage by walking around?”
  • What are ways users can personalize their interface to be more efficient?
  • How can you provide status and visibility to customers without face-to-face interactions inside of your locations?
  • How can you manage security involving personalization and extensibility?

Integrate Third-party Software

Infor ION allows you to efficiently integrate your Infor system to important third-party applications. Tridex can help you implement these integrations while also giving you expert and unbiased advice on the best core and third-party partners to bring into your technology strategy. This is a strategic approach that goes far beyond simply deploying integration middleware to improve your business efficiencies and drive new competitive advantages.

Improve Your Anytime/Anywhere Strategy

Extensibility and integrations also give you an new opportunity to get the right information in front of the right people at the right time. If you are working from home, remotely or in the field, Tridex can help you monitor and manage important business issues. Your employees can take care of sales opportunities, supply chain issues, delivery problems and more from many different devices.

Go Real-Time

With Tridex, you will rest assured that your extensions, customizations and integrations will maximize the use of real-time data. No more silos of departmental information. Your entire team will be working together with alerts around key issues, connected workflows, exception management, KPI tracking and more.