Improve Accuracy and add Custom Receiving and Other Extensions

Many distributors are focused on purchasing and sales capabilities to drive the most important elements of their customer experience and profitability. Yet speed and accuracy are critical to your customers satisfaction and customer loyalty. Higher accuracy not only reduces your costs, it makes customers prefer you to other less organized competitors. Infor CloudSuite TWL is a key to improving your speed and accuracy along with giving you greater inventory visibility, improved order flow, better utilization of space and equipment and more efficient employee processes.

We all know that managing your warehouse requires more than just installing software. Tridex has many years of direct experience designing, implementing and managing distribution warehousing strategies and can help you make your warehouse and integrated part of your business.

Work with the Infor TWL Experts at Tridex Systems

Improved Order Accuracy

We’ve helped distributors get the most out of the Infor TWL systems to drive greater inventory accuracy at the shelf and bin level that leads to greater order accuracy and higher customer satisfaction. You will see a dramatic increase in your productivity, be able to process more orders without similar labor cost increases and improve your efficiency in picking even with large numbers of SKUs.

Advanced Warehousing Best Practices

Our experts have real-life experience designing and managing some of the leading distribution warehouses in North America. We can help you implement the best practices that leading distribution companies use. You can save time and eliminate errors with RF receiving and picking. Cross-docking and configurable put-away become much easier with automated processes. You can even look at advanced technologies like voice-enabled pick, pack and ship processes.

Custom Receiving and Other Extensions

Tridex can offer you a custom-built receiving extension to your Infor CloudSuite WMS system to extend the value of your warehouse automation beyond just inventory visibility and picking and packing. Our experience in helping Infor users create new extensions, customizations and user personalization allows us to support your exact business processes with technology that is tailored for your productivity plans.

Labor Management

You operate in an ever-changing world with increases and decreases in demand and transactional volume. Tridex will make your warehouse system an integrated part of your entire technology strategy. We will take advantage of embedded labor management functionality and real-time labor monitoring and management in your warehouse and combine it with other elements such as your workflow, purchasing and business intelligence strategy to make sure your labor is perfectly allocated to serve your customers.