Get Leading Infor CloudSuite Distribution Expertise When You Need It

Infor CloudSuite Distribution has helped distributors around the world redesign their business operations. But improving your business is more than just implementing new software. You need to make sure your technology strategy is fully integrated into your business strategy to maximize your investments in operations, efficiency, business intelligence, customer experience and productivity. The experts at Tridex combine both technological savvy with distribution expertise to help you use technology to become more productive, more competitive and better equipped to meet changing customer demands.

Our services for Infor CloudSuite consulting help you reduce the uncertainty you might have around issues like data migration, security, up-time, employee disruption, user training and more to fully embrace the technology you need to move forward. Without expert and strategic guidance, it can be very difficult to implement and support a modern system like Infor CloudSuite Distribution.


Many new users find the sheer power of Infor CloudSuite Distribution a little bit daunting. Tridex Systems has helped many distributors answer the most important questions about moving to the cloud.

  • Which of my most important business processes are built in and which need further configuration and customizations?
  • How do I compare the many prepackaged workflows to my current business plans and industry best practices?
  • How do I learn to live in a world of continuous cloud upgrades? How do I take advantage of the new distribution functionality in the best way possible with as little disruption to my employees?
  • How does my access to data and analytics change in the cloud?
  • What happens with all of my third-party applications?

Increase the Value of Infor CloudSuite Distribution

Improve User Adoption

Widespread user adoption is the key to driving higher ROI from Infor CloudSuite Distribution. Fortunately, the combination of modern technology and expert services and support from Tridex Systems enables your employees to make the most of your new technology. They will quickly and easily embrace new improved workflows and access to data.

Improve Value Adds

Many of your most important core distribution functions are built into Infor CloudSuite Distribution. That allows you to focus future technology strategies on areas to build new competitive advantages and value added services. The distribution technology experts at Tridex can help you identify new areas of innovation to quickly realize your new plans for value added services.

Utilize New Technology

The world of distribution technology is constantly evolving. What are the right technologies to introduce to your organization for analytics, mobile applications, cloud-based technology and more? Working with Tridex makes it easy for your technology and business models to continuously evolve with changing times. We understand industry best practices and the best partner solutions to give you the flexibility to meet those changes as you grow.