Your Source for Progress Database and Application Expertise

Progress database and application support is a rare and often hard-to-find skillset. When you are able to find a Progress expert they typically come with a high salary. Do you have the headroom to recruit, hire and manage a full-time Progress employee or would you be better off committing those resources to other areas of your business that drive new revenue and keep customers happy?

Tridex Systems can help supplement your IT team with the necessary Progress database and application expertise when you need it. We can manage and administer just about any Progress database function for you at your convenience, on call. You can focus on your business and let us worry about Progress-related issues like security, performance, access, optimization and database administration.

With Tridex Systems, you get more than just Progress expertise. Our experts are also long-time wholesale distribution technology and ERP experts as well. So you can combine your database and application know-how with industry best practices.

By making Progress database and application support a priority, Tridex Systems is able to apply focus, time, tools and consistent monitoring to your database. Not all of your own employees can do that because they typically get pulled in multiple directions. Inside of Tridex, we also have easy access to other experts so you will gain the benefits of our deep bench strength without impacting your own labor costs.

What is the current status of your Progress database?

  • Consistent monitoring of your database and hosting servers
  • Immediate alerts in the case of an interruption or critical event
  • Personalized support from your ERP and Progress expert at Tridex Systems 

Is your Database optimized?

  • Monitoring of all database KPIs, usage, log files and more
  • Database backups and verification
  • Monitoring of data elements, table and growth needs
  • Regular reporting and updates from our team

Do you need advice on your database?

  • Troubleshoot query information
  • Provide policy strategy
  • Full disaster recovery and business continuity services
  • Planning support for hardware needs
  • Backups and mirroring 

Why Use Tridex Systems for Progress Administration?

  • Using Tridex Systems for your Progress administrations can be less expensive for a higher level of expertise. We have experience across multiple Progress databases and ERP installs.
  • You avoid taking on the costs of a full-time employee such as taxes and benefits
  • When an emergency happens, you can depend on the scale of the entire Tridex staff.
  • We are focused on your specific needs with years of ERP, distribution and Progress experience.