Create Web Apps to Drive Productivity

Infor Mongoose allows you to quickly build simple web applications to supplement the functionality of Infor CloudSuite Distribution. Coding is kept to a minimal level so that you do not have to overburden your IT team with custom projects. You can build new web apps that are accessible and optimized for your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Although Mongoose is powerful and easy to use, know exactly how to harness and focus that development power can be an overwhelming task for most distribution organizations. Compare Mongoose to a box of paints. It is easy to put paint on your brush and put your brush on the canvas – that’s Mongoose. What separate a great painting from an amateur work is the intent, plan and skill of the artist. Tridex Systems has the experience to rapidly develop robust applications with an eye to keeping your entire business and technology strategy in place. We make sure all of your apps make sense and work together while reducing your overall cost of development, training and deployment.

We’ve helped distributors get the most out of Infor Mongoose in many ways:

  • “I had ideas on how to improve my user experience but Tridex knew how to do it in ways the really drove productivity and without breaking anything else in the process.”
  • “I needed to drive new data visualizations on mobile devices.”
  • “Combining workflows across multiple systems is like creating my own digital assistant. I have everything I need plus reminders and alerts all in one place.”
  • “By working with Tridex, I knew my apps would carry forward with any upgrade or other change and would include industry best practices.”

Streamline Your Business

Every distributor is unique. You have particular processes that are unique as well. Sometimes streamlining can be as simple as personalizing a screen. All distributors will need an order number, but not all will need order status. So adding and removing fields can speed up data entry. But when it comes to more sophisticated data flows, Tridex can help you leverage Infor Mongoose to build out unique applications that improve your ERP functions. These applications will work with Infor CloudSuite Distribution, Infor Ming.le, Infor ION and any third-party Infor ION-enabled application.

Deploy Where Your Users Need it Most

We all work in different areas of the business at the same time. Some of us are in the office, the warehouse, working from home, selling in the field or managing deliveries. Tridex Systems builds your apps at the enterprise level with full security and the ability to deploy in multiple device types. This makes your new app strategy simple, fast and brings value to as many of your employees as possible.

Stop Worrying About Upgrades and Updates

We help you design your applications on Infor Mongoose for the long haul. In addition to extending your core enterprise functionality, apps designed on Infor Mongoose will carry through upgrades and updates with stored user extensions and customizations. These are kept separate from your main application so they will upgrade automatically when you deploy or upgrade to a new version.