Don't Let Anything Stand in the Way of New Functionality

Whether you’re upgrading to Infor SXe Version 11+ or you are migrating to Infor CloudSuite Distribution, you are probably trying to balance the need for new technology against possible business disruption. Tridex Systems has helped many distributors upgrade their Infor systems while reducing their risks with our experienced technology consultants.

There has never been a better time for Infor upgrades. Infor CloudSuite Distribution gives you a real distribution-specific system in the cloud that reduces your cost of ownership while increasing your flexibility. Or perhaps you’ve heard about some of the newest functionality in SXe version 11+ and want to take advantage of those innovations without losing years of customizations. Whatever your reason, we can provide you with a strategic, carefully-designed upgrade plan that gets you to value faster than other upgrade options.

We’ve helped many distributors weight their options and make the best, most informed upgrade decisions:

  • Should you choose Infor CloudSuite Distribution or SXe Version 11+?
  • What do you do about all your custom mods?
  • There are so many new features and changes since you last upgraded – which ones will have the biggest impact on your business?
  • Will you be able to add other applications and integrations that you have needed but weren’t able to implement with your legacy system?
  • What happens if your support is ending for your current version?
  • Are able to keep up with rising security threats?