Work with the Experts in Migration to Infor CloudSuite Distribution

Are you thinking about migrating to Infor CloudSuite Distribution? Many distributors find the modern UI and advanced distribution functionality of CloudSuite represents a necessary step forward but may be intimidated at the prospect of moving off of a system they’ve used for decades. At Tridex Systems, we’ve helped many Infor users take full advantage of Infor CloudSuite Distribution without losing important functionality and processes they have come to depend on in their older software.

The biggest appeal of Infor CloudSuite Distribution for many distributors is it’s ability to meet the changing needs of the distribution industry. In fact, Infor updates CloudSuite with new functionality as frequently as every 30 days. Some of the reasons distributors have come to Tridex to help manage a migration to Infor CloudSuite include:

  • “I’m facing more online and omnichannel competition and I need to update my system to keep up.”
  • “I have plans for new value added services but I am limited by my legacy software.”
  • “I’ve reached the limits of efficiency in my old ERP and need to take advantage of better inventory controls, better warehouse practices and a better user experience.”
  • “It’s become too hard to analyze the data I need in my old system.”
  • “My workforce is changing over more frequently and I have younger employees. I need to offer easier software with more modern advantages and mobile capabilities.”

Tridex can help you gain all of the benefits from Infor CloudSuite Distribution while maintaining the important custom processes you have developed over the years. With our Infor distribution experts, you will see a faster go-live schedule with lower stress on your IT team.


Trust Tridex Systems to strategically manage your implementation of Infor CloudSuite Distribution.

Best Practices

We have many years of experience implementing Infor systems. We leverage that experience to provide your team with the exact planning steps and best practices to give you immediate business improvement and a rapid return on investment. Implementing Infor CloudSuite Distribution with Tridex Systems is cost effective, manages your risks, puts much less burden on your employees and customers all while delivering a faster time to value with your software.


Strategic Planning

We understand the most common distribution industry requirements and can quickly get you up and running in your core business areas. But more importantly, we know that no two distributors are alike. We know the best way to configure your system to meet your exact needs on day one.


Leading Support

We don’t leave you behind after you are implemented. Infor clients have come to trust Tridex for leading system, application, network and database support so you can focus on what you do best and leave the more obscure elements of the technology to our experts.

Worry-free Migration to Infor CloudSuite Distribution

Bring Mods Forward with Extensibility

As a distributor, your value adds are what differentiate you from your competition. While Infor CloudSuite Distribution addresses most of your core needs, you also have some key processes you have built for your organization to drive new efficiencies and better customer experience. When you work with Tridex to move to Infor CloudSuite Distribution, you can address your core business needs without leaving any custom mods and functionality behind. We’ve built, migrated and translated hundreds of mods and extensions of Infor software over the years. Our experts help catalog your most important mods, compare them for efficiencies against newly released functionality and help you personalize and configure your system for maximum benefit.

Migrate Your Data

Unfortunately, many distributors don’t think about the issues around data migration until it is too late. Data migration is too important not to include in your strategic planning. The wrong plan for data migration as you move to Infor CloudSuite Distribution can delay your go-live and cause many hiccups in your actual production system. Tridex has established best practices from years of handling important data migrations. We can help you with fast, successful and accurate migrations to the cloud. Our experts help you reduce errors and make sure you implementation – and most importantly your business – stays on track with a solid foundation of good data.

Infor CloudSuite Distribution Managed Services

At the end of your Infor CloudSuite Distribution implementation, most distributors want to focus on running their business and serving their customers. That’s why Tridex clients typically continue with a custom managed services engagement to continue to improve their systems, meet emerging requirements, take advantage of newly released functionality, increase efficiencies and driver higher return on investment.