Video: Mobile Cycle Count

Simplify Your Inventory Counting Are you constantly battling with inventory accuracy? Your solution is Tridex System’s Mobile Cycle Count. Real-time data: Update your Infor system directly from your mobile device, ensuring instant visibility and accurate inventory levels. No more paper: Eliminate paper count sheets and embrace a fully digital workflow, saving time and reducing environmental…

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mobile cycle count

End Your Inventory Counting Frustrations with Mobile Cycle Count

For many distributors, inventory accuracy is a constant battle. Dynamic environments, with items constantly moving for counter sales, demos, and upsell opportunities, can easily lead to discrepancies and inaccurate counts. Tridex Systems’ Mobile Cycle Count comes to the rescue, providing a powerful and flexible solution to streamline your counting processes and achieve consistent accuracy, even…

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Microsoft Power Automate

Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Power Automate and Infor CloudSuite Distribution

After our webinar with TUG Connects 365 “Mastering CloudSuite Integration: Empowering Your Business with InforOS,” we received some questions about ways to utilize Microsoft Power Automate. This post helps answer some of those questions. What is Microsoft Power Automate? Microsoft Power Automate is a service that lets you create automated workflows between your preferred apps…

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Mastering CloudSuite Integration Empowering Your Business with InforOS

Mastering CloudSuite Integration: Empowering Your Business with InforOS

 Mark your calendars! Our very own Brandon Watson is joining TUG as they host an upcoming webinar as part of the TUG Connects 365 Webinar Series. This session promises to dive deep into maximizing the potential of CloudSuite InforOS and Distribution. Register Today: Mastering CloudSuite Integration: Empowering Your Business with InforOS Attendees can expect to learn about…

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Infor CloudSuite Services

Distributors Embrace CloudSuite Platform Services

The distribution industry is witnessing an exciting shift as more and more distributors are harnessing the power of Infor CloudSuite Distribution (CSD). These distributors are seeking out comprehensive managed services to support their adoption of this revolutionary platform. This trend has been fueled by the numerous benefits that partnering with a seasoned managed services provider…

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Harnessing the Power of Infor Cloudsuite Distribution

Infor CloudSuite Distribution is a comprehensive, robust tool designed to simplify business operations and give you the upper hand in the competitive world of commerce. It’s packed with four pivotal features that can propel your business towards success: Personalization, Extendibility, Integrations, and Enhanced Customer Experience. By utilizing these capabilities, your business can stay one step…

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Report: TUG 2023 Insights Report

First and foremost, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended TUG 2023. Your presence made the event truly special, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your participation and enthusiasm. As a token of our appreciation, we’re delighted to offer you a 16-page report that summarizes the top four technology insights…

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Video: Mobile Proof of Delivery

Transact Deliveries in Real Time to Your Infor System with Mobile Delivery Automation Do customers ever call to say that they didn’t receive your delivery, the product was wrong, the delivery was late or there were unacceptable damages to the shipment? Many distributors spend a lot of time creating deliveries for the day, following up…

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Five Reasons You Need Data Pond

Use Your Previously Built Queries with Data Lake and Cloudsuite Distribution Will you lose your custom reporting if you make the switch to Infor Cloudsuite Distribution? That is probably the most common question we heard from Infor users at TUG Connects 2022. Fortunately, with Tridex Data Pond, you can maintain all the convenience of your…

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Video: Your Infor CloudSuite Distribution Experts

Let Tridex Systems help you make the move to Infor CloudSuite Distribution. Tridex Systems helps you get the most from Infor CloudSuite Distribution by combining important core functionality with expert managed services to maximize your technology investment. You will shorten your go-live schedules, improve your customer experience, be ready to meet new competitive challenges and…

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Video: 9 Ways to Grow Faster with Data

Leading distributors are leveraging their data to get ahead. Here are the nine fastest ways distributors running Infor are using data to grow faster. Discover which brands, lines and products deliver your highest margins Understand upward and downward trends in sales and margins and see the connections behind what is driving those trends Identify areas…

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Are Your Systems and Networks Ready for New COVID-19 Security Threats? Here Are 6 Steps To Take Right Now.

Companies across North America are struggling to keep their businesses moving forward while at the same time providing new remote working capabilities for their employees. While this may be an opportunity to gain productivity through new technology, some hackers and other bad actors also see an opportunity to deploy new security attacks on end users.…

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Video: 7 Distribution IT Challenges During COVID-19

Distributors are facing tests and challenges related to COVID-19 unlike any in recent history.  As a result, IT teams are stepping up to ensure business continuity, systems availability and continuation of business processes. Here are the top 7 challenges distribution IT teams face during COVID-19. 1.  Business Continuity.  How do you keep your business operating as…

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Tridex Systems at TUG Connects 2017

Tridex Systems at TUG 2017 Learn about how Tridex Systems helps Infor Distribution users with managed services and support, data warehousing and extraction, mobile apps and hosting. Tridex Systems will be at TUG Connects 2017, February 22-25 at the Marriott Orlando World Center meeting with Infor Distribution users and demonstrating our capabilities in managed services,…

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